EUROW International Masters Regatta - Austrian Open | 25,00€ per seat

Booking deadline: Jul 17, 2019

Race Dates: Jul 25 to Jul 28, 2019

Delivery Date: Jul 25 to Jul 28, 2019

Location: Linz Ottensheim, Austria

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The price for this competition is 25€ per seat per race.

Please state on the remarks the number of the race you will take part, according to the following table: Regatta table

Available Boats:

  • 1x 60BR 55-70kg
  • 1x 75BR 70-85kg
  • 1x 90BR 80-95kg
  • 1x 100BR 95-110kg
  • 2x 2x75BR 70-85kg
  • 2x 2x90BR 80-95kg
Rental time finished

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